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iThoughts HTML Snippets allow you to embed HTML snippets into your pages

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Create and use HTML snippets

HTML snippets menu in your WordPress administration panel

HTML snippets menu in your WordPress administration panel

In your administration menu, new pages have been added to manage your HTML snippets. Create your HTML snippet by typing directly your HTML code. The visual editor has been deactivated, to avoid problems with it, and to ensure that no modification will be done to your content. You are totally free!

Once your HTML snippet created, add the shortcode to your post with the button Bouton TinyMCE HTML snippets of your visual editor, and select your snippet. The next step of the editor will search for keywords available, and open up a form to help you giving them a value. Validate, and the shortcode will be added to your page. Hurray, that’s all.

Using keywords

Keywords, or placeholders, are pieces of text into your HTML snippet that you can edit through the shortcode. A keyword is surrounded by two symbols %, and should not contain spaces or accentuated characters. Only letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and the symbols -_ should be used, for more stability. Once your keywords inserted into your HTML snippet, you can replace them with the text you want by adding in your shortcode and attribute of the type keyword="value"

Reserved keywords

Some keywords are reserved, and should not be used for custom content.

Keyword Usage
 %if-*% Will be used for conditional snippets
user_login Is replaced with the current user login
 user_email Is replaced with the current user email
 user_firstname Is replaced with current user first name
 user_lastname Is replaced with current user last name
 user_pseudo Is replaced with current user display name

Don’t hesitate to use the contact form to ask me to add reserved keywords.

Futures evolutions

  • Conditional snippets, that will display a snippet under a certain condition, else another.
  • Add more keywords

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